Yoga Nidra (Meditation)


So as most of you know there are many meditations you can do! There is a basic mindfulness meditation that I posted about earlier. There are chakra meditation, and mantra meditations, and also guided meditations! Lately, I’ve been tired, sick, & stressed out. So I still do my mindfulness meditation, but often it ends up with me taking an unexpected nap. Lol! Obviously, I needed the sleep, but then sometimes my sleep cycle is messed up. So anyways I’ll finish the debriefing. So today in addition to doing a mindfulness meditation I decided to do a yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is basically a meditation that sometimes yogis incorporate into their yoga practice. When participating in yoga nidra, you lie still on your back while guided. You stay awake during this guided meditation. Afterwards, you end up feeling renewed, awake, and more present. It can be very powerful. Sometimes, when I’m in the right head space I will have visualizations or epiphanies that are very clear and meaningful to me. As I mentioned, this practice is often done in yoga classes. However, there are resources online as well! So if you (like me) need some rejuvenation today. Try this yoga nidra that my BEST BEST BESTY made. Click on the link above!! It is relaxing peaceful and who knows what you will discover on the other side…Namaste.



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