Say YES Wednesday

So now, maybe you have let a few things/people/dairy products go.  Today you have so much space in your life for new things/people/food groups? You can now welcome the abundance the universe has for you. To fully heal, you have to want and believe you can heal, change, have a different life. So for 24 hours, practice saying yes to anything and everything that comes your way. Say yes to anything and everything that won’t hurt you, of course. Don’t say yes to smoking crack in TJ with a drug dealer that says hi to you on the street. Lol! Just practice say yes to the divine plan of your life. Trust your intuition or God and see where he/she/it leads you. When we have all this junk in our lives, it is hard to accept anything new. Our lives are so filled up with crap we don’t need, we don’t have time or space for anything magical or new! As the seminar I attended mentioned, our crap is our comfort zone.  When we stay in our comfort zone, we don’t grow. So I challenge you today, to try something new. Take a “healthy” risk, -talk to someone new, take a class, film a youtube video, say yes to even the small things.  When I was practicing this exercise a few weeks ago, I was getting some carrots at the store. The grocer said, “here’s a free bag.” I didn’t take it, but afterwards I thought about it. I thought – I can’t receive if I am not open to receiving.  So that moment at the store was my light bulb moment. Following that event, I said YES! I said yes to going to a party with new people (which I don’t usually do). I said yes to bags, clothes, and things started pouring into my life like crazy. It was amazing! Sidenote, do not say yes to the things you have let go of! Only say yes to the new (slightly scary or  simple things). This practice opens you up to the abundance of the universe. People I’ve talked to have gotten new jobs, lovers, money, gifts, anything and everything. Just let go of any expectations you have. And say yes!

Directions to Say Yes Wednesday!

  1. Make sure you have cleared out all of the gunk that isn’t serving you.
  2. Once clear, breathe in a breath or two or three and realize this is your first gift of abundance. You get so many breaths, these are all gifts.
  3. While you are breathing, think I am open and accept all of the gifts presented to me today. I will say yes!
  4. For the next 24 hours, say yes!
  5.  Enjoy!

Feel free to tell me what happens on your yessing Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. You can really do this any day of the week! Sending you love and positivity!



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