Your-naling/Morning-Noon-Night Pages

So I’m going through the basics of self help. Yournaling or Journaling is imperative to your healing, or at least is/was to my healing. The thing is you can do all of the meditations, affirmations, listing, chanting, praying, twirling around the self-helping yourself world. However, often we do these things but we still aren’t in touch with ourselves. I started journaling when I was younger, but I kind of stopped for a few years. Back then, I never wrote consistently. It was more like oo this exciting thing happened to me, so I’m going to write about it. Recently, I picked up, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. I can’t sing the praises of this book enough. Not only did it help me discover more fully my inner artist, but it really helped me get in touch with the real me. One of the main practices of this book is the art of morning pages also known as journaling. Journaling is soo helpful. So I have briefly touched on the fact that I sometimes get overwhelmed with sorrow and despair. Sometimes, our emotions just happen and it’s like oo I feel sad. You accept it, release it (cry/scream/stomp feet), and move on. Other times, there is a reason behind these emotions. We may not realize it, because we are in our emotions. When we journal for awhile (3 months+), we might start to see some trends. So I started to read my morning pages/journal and saw that:

a. Certain people were bumming me out yet I would still hang out with them expecting a different result (which is madness).

b. Certain people made me feel alive/inspired/loved unconditionally.

c. Certain activities help me deal with strong emotions: painting/writing/acting/singing/dancing.

d. I manifested things I wanted, by wanting them and then releasing or forgetting about those objects.

e.  There have been signs guiding me all over the place from God (if you believe in God) or from the universe! Example: I met a girl who writes on this amazing TV show. She had a very similar life as me -changing majors a million times, loves woowoo stuff (sound baths, astrology, reiki), was struggling financially, part of some sketch teams, and she was encouraged to write a tv script. Now she is living her dharma. She experienced  all of those things so she could write her script, and be a tv writer. Also, I 5 different people who don’t know each other said – Brianna! Do a character reel! Finally, I did it (and loved it)!

f. And if I am feeling super sad/angry/despondent it might because the crimson tide is rolling in town.

g. Working out my body and mind on a consistently on a daily basis helps me consistently feel more emotionally stable.

Before I read my months of journalling, I really had no idea that certain people/things needed to be let go.  Just yesterday, I read this article on yahoo about how rich people avoid pessimists like the plague!

So you may not know what’s bringing you down or keeping you from being rich yet! However, if you start journaling or doing these morning/noon/night pages you may start to become the detective of your life and figure it out!


  1. Buy a notebook or journal.
  2. Write every day in it for 3 months.
  3. If you miss a day, don’t give up!
  4. After 3 months, read it and figure out YOU!
  5. Highlight in blue, the toxics that desperately need to be let go.
  6. Highlight in yellow, the miracle fertilizers that make you feel SPLENDID!
  7. Highlight in pink, the things/signs that have helped you along the way.

Happy Detectiving and Happy Monday! ❤ ❤ ❤




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