So you may have heard about something called, “chanting.” Anywho, this was introduced to me by a friend that I randomly met at party. Of course, the way the universe works, she had something very sad in common with me, she had lost a sibling via suicide. However, you would never be able to infer that anything bad had ever happened to this lady. She was quite fabulous. She’s been to almost every country in the world! Her house is pink with pink buddhas and just so fabulous! She has blue eyes, and is just the sweetest lil thing I had met in Los Angeles. She came over to my humble, and I mean humble studio in koreatown. We sat down, and she told me about her brother. Boy was I shocked! This lady has suffered through a suicide in her life?!? How’s that possible, I thought. She’s so rich, and fabulous, and cool?

Afterwards, she told me chanting really helped her through this time. So of course, I was interested in trying this out. Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is part of a kind of religion called, Nichiren Buddhism. I call it a kind of religion, because Nichiren buddhists pray to their highest self. Nichiren buddhists are often also christians, catholics, jews, or even muslims! This practice is more of an ideology that there is a buddha inside us all. So Nichiren Buddhists believe that you can transform your life by experiencing a human revolution.  One can do this by chanting and becoming your best self for you and the world through study and practice. You can chant with people at the buddhists temple, or you can chant on your own. Nichiren Buddhism is a philosophy of peace, understanding, and compassion towards yourself and the world.

The Practice/Directions

  1. Setting Up An Altar

Buddhists have an altar in which you can place various items that symbolize different elements of your life. You can place water, in which symbolizes purification. Fresh fruit or greenery is placed for your sweet life and the eternity of life. Some people also place a bell which is used during the practice. You might also want to place an incense tray and incense or maybe light a candle.

2. Recite Daimoku

You can do the full practice and recite daimoku which is listed below.

3. Nam Myoho-Renge-Kyo

After you are finished with the daimoku, you can do the gongyo also known as Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. What I like to do is set an intention to transform in my life or someone else’s life. Then I set the timer for 5-10 minutes and I chant. When you chant you should be sitting upright and strongly. You are chanting to transform your life and your buddhahood.

It is kind a magical practice. The chanting gives you this vibrational quality in your body. So if I’m really feeling blue, in my body especially, I like to do this practice. It is kind of a speaking or living meditation. I can’t fully explain it, but with the vibrational quality that happens you start to feel better. I love it, because anyone can do it regardless of your religion. If you are interested in learning more about Nichiren buddhism I highly recommend looking at or checking out a Buddhist center near you! Everyone is so friendly and nice! It is a great community, and people practice all around the world. This is really only the beginning, there is soo much to learn about Nichiren buddhism! Enjoy this transformational practice! ❤


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