The Happy Bank

So I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’ve had some off days. You can do all the self healing you want but life is full of peaks and valleys. So when I have an “off” day, it is imperative that I treat myself nicely while I’m feeling volatile inside. Also when I’m feeling volatile inside, it seems like nothing – I mean nothing at all will make it better. However, that just isn’t true. I’m stuck in my crap, and you can get out of your poo by pouring some happy cleaner into your soul. So when I’m not in a unstable mood, I add things to my happy bank! So your happy bank can be a real thing a nice box that you put stuff and this list that makes you happy inside or it can just be a list.

For this exercise all you need is a piece of paper, pen, and your noggin.

MY Happy Bank

  1. My cat, princess luna(tic). haha
  2. Musical Theater Music
  3. Hot Bubble baths
  4. Meditation
  5. My favorite meditation guru, David Ji.
  6. Painting
  7. Coffee
  8. Dancing
  9. Singing
  10. Acting
  11. Writing about things I find funny
  12. Boxing
  13. Seeing a good movie.
  14. Making Jewlery
  15. Fantasizing about my perfect life.
  16. Hiking/Being in Nature.
  17. Smelly Good Candles
  18. Wearing dresses
  19. Talking to my friends that lift me up!

I also found this cool picture of a things that I love heart.  This is a great way to make your list too! That way you can hang it up in your bedroom and look at it when you’re feeling blue! The box is great too, because you have all of your happy stuff ready to go for whenever you need it! Have fun with this!


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