The Love Me List

So this next exercise, I didn’t learn in a book. I didn’t hear about it, or see it somewhere. This exercise I made up all by myself.  I think it is quite helpful along with the meditation and affirmations. We are so hard on ourselves. Well I am so hard on myself, so maybe you are too. Constantly, I’m judging myself – why did I eat that? Why did I say that? Why did I date him or her? Why did I wear that? Basically, WHY AM I NOT PERFECT ALREADY?!? Easy answer, because no one is perfect. We are constantly evolving, getting better, and learning from our mistakes. I will never have a 100% perfect day, but I can forgive myself for the mistakes I have made and move on. I think it is so incredibly important to not only forgive yourself for the mistakes you make but acknowledge what worked. So I like to call this exercise, The Love Me List.


  1. Get a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Preferably before or after a meditation, number your page 1-5/10.
  3. Title the list: I love myself and am proud of myself because…
  4. Write down all the ways you loved yourself like a parent loves a baby and all of the things that you are proud of yourself for doing the day before.
Here is My Example List
I love myself and am proud of myself because…
1.  For speaking up diplomatically, when that man on my street was rude to me.
2. I am proud of myself for talking to new people in my class.
3. Taking care of myself and not eating chocolate after 10 and going to bed by 12!
4. Talking to my sketch team about my new idea.
5.  I asked for help from my friend about how to outline my screenplay.
(Those are just a few)

*If you are doing affirmations, you might want to remind yourself of how they are working. Example: I am proud of myself for going to the gym. (If your affirmation is, “I am healthy.”)

**You also definitely want to remind yourself of those moments when you stepped out of your comfort zone. Example: I am proud of myself because I talked to new people in class. It can be tough making new friends! Who knows how they will react to you, but taking the first step and talking to potential new friends is definitely a risk. A healthy risk is always something to love yourself for, and something to be proud of. A healthy risk can be different for everyone. Being honest about your feelings, might be a risk for some. Taking the first step in trying something new that you have always wanted to do, can be a risk for others. Maybe staying positive and not talking behind people’s back is your risk? We are all unique. We all have different challenges. This exercise is to help us pat ourselves on the back when we meet our challenges. This exercise is not to judge ourselves, and say “well I talked to new people but I didn’t say the right things.” It is to say, good job self! You talked to new people! You are taking risks and you should be proud of yourself for that! So I hope this exercise helps you to remind yourself what a great job at life you’re doing! I love you! I hope you do too! 🙂


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