Mindfulness Meditation

This is really where I got my start with all of this. I had been partying it up until this moment. I was crying every day. My therapist at the time recommended I try this (along with quitting my partying habits).


  1. Find a place where you can sit or lie down quietly.
  2. Download Insight Timer
  3. Set the timer for 5 minutes, or however long you feel comfortable with (that can be 1 minute or 30 minutes).
  4. Now I like to lay down, but if you prefer to sit that is fine too.
  5. Breathe just as you normally would.
  6. For the next 5 minutes check in with yourself and each part of your body.  This is not to judge ourselves but to check in.  We go so fast, sometimes we don’t even know what is going on inside.
  7. How do you feel? (Happy/Angry/Anxious/Sad/Excited/Etc)  How is your breathing? (Slow/Fast/Through your nose/Through your mouth) Starting with the toes, how does each toe on your left foot feel? How does each toe on your right foot feel? How does the sole of your left foot feel? How does the sole of your right foot feel? How does your whole left foot feel? How does your whole right foot feel? Go through each part of your body until you reach the top of your head.
  8. Thank yourself quietly inside your mind for giving yourself time to pause.
  9. If the bell hasn’t rung yet, just lay there. Whatever thoughts come into your mind, accept them as they come, breathe, and relax.
  10. When the bell rings, take time to stretch, and slowly get up (so you don’t get a head rush and faint).

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation is a way to be present and in our bodies. Sometimes, I feel sad, but not all of me is sad. I might feel sadness in my chest, but my left pinky toe doesn’t feel sad. When we accept ourselves and how we feel – it is easier to move on emotionally. This is a great way to start your path on the healing yellow brick road. You can do this in the morning and at night before bed. Alternatively, you can do this when you’re feeling that extreme moment of discomfort and use it as needed.


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